a non-romantic comedy

Neah gets stuck in an UberX driven by her ex boyfriend as they have to hash out their past in a confined space in crazy city traffic.

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World Premiere

UberEx Premiered in competition at DWF 2018.

WINNER: Best Director

Nominated for Best Director and Best Romantic Comedy


Neah is, as usual, late. She’s hailed a ride on Uber so she can get to her fiancé at a fundraising gala for a youth symphony as easily as possible. After a narrow avoiding being mowed down by some tourists, Neah hops in her ride share only to discover that the driver is none other than the handsome Carter, her ex- boyfriend. As they cruise through the streets of Chicago, it becomes clear that they both have unresolved hang-ups about the relationship and their break up. Things reach a fever pitch and Neah accidentally doors a cyclist, forcing them to take a detour, making already the late Neah even later and allowing both Carter and Neah the time and space to realize a few things about their relationship.