directing projects

Labor Relations | Short Film 

Labor Relations Poster Feb 2019

Labor Relations is an absurd comedy about a woman who goes into labor at work decides to keep right on working. Premiered at Just for Laughs in Montreal in July 2019.


The French Goodbye: Stay | Music Video 

My second collaboration with the band The French Goodbye.


UberEx | Short Film 

A selection of Dances with Films and Culver City Film Festival and winner of Best Director at Austin Short Comedy Film Festival, UberEx is a short non-romantic comedy about awkward relationships in a confined space. Shot entirely on location in Chicago.


The French Goodbye : 2B | Official Music Video

A lovely loner returns home from a mysterious errand. 

I directed this music video. It was a fun collaboration with Tony Mendoza of The French Goodbye  and DP Todd Tue of Milk Products Media

Shot in 1 day in Chicago. 


Why Does Mommy Cry? | Web Series

Being a mom is hard. Being a new mom is really hard. 

I wrote and directed this short web series about how bad I was at being a mom. 


How to Get a Girl/Friend | Pilot Presentation

Kelsey doesn't have any female friends and it's going to be a problem at her wedding. 

I co-directed this short pilot presentation with Todd Tue of Milk Products Media. Andy Stegmeyer of Thunderlab Productions DPed and it was written by and stars Christy Bonstell

Shot over 2 days in Chicago.